Potato Preparation Techniques/Methods/Tricks & Tips

Fresh potatoes can be prepared in many ways. In this article you will get the answer to the question of how to cook potatoes .

Your potatoes should be washed first. With a vegetable scrubber, scrub each potato in lukewarm running waters. The packaging warehouse will wash potatoes, but you should always wash any fresh produce items at home.

Tip – If you intend to use uncooked potatoes in a recipe you should be aware that the potatoes will begin to discolor quickly due to prolonged exposure to air. This can be stopped if you leave the cut potatoes exposed to air. While it doesn’t affect the quality of the potato, and will often disappear during cooking (most people find it unappetizing), this color can be detrimental to its appearance. For best results, keep the potato slices or cut in half in a bowl filled with cool water. The water will retain the nutrients and eventually evaporate.


Boiling potatoes can be used to prepare another cooking method like mashing or for traditional recipes. Boiling is possible with all kinds of potatoes.

Technique– You can cut the potatoes into pieces. Use smaller ones if serving as-is, or use larger ones to make mashings or salad dressings. In a large pot, add the potatoes. Stir in enough salt to cover. Once potatoes are boiling, reduce heat and simmer for about 20-30 minutes. Drain.

Tip– If you’re using your potatoes for another purpose, make sure they are completely dry.

Possible Add-Ins: Many old-fashioned dishes are very simple and delicious.

Microwave Cooking

A microwave oven is a time-saving tool that can be used for cooking and reheating leftovers. A microwave oven is a great option for russet potatoes.

Technique- Micro baking whole potatoes take less time than people think. Use a fork to puncture the potato many times. Wrap each potato with a paper towel. Cooking times will vary according to the microwave size and wattage. In an older oven, 1 potato can be cooked in about 5 minutes while 2 potatoes will take around 8 minutes. 4 potatoes will take approximately 15 minutes.

Tip- For even cooking, Flip potatoes halfway through the cooking process.

Possible Add-Ins: Baked potato is one of the best ways to serve potatoes. To add “wow”, to your baked potatoes, check out the main section.

Baked Potatoes

Baking potatoes can be a delicious way to enjoy potatoes. However, you should not overuse them with dairy products. Baking potatoes is possible for all varieties of potatoes. However, Klondike Royale, Klondike Rose and Klondike Rose potatoes work best due to their higher starch content.

Technique– This is the most important question about baked potatoes. The foil wrapping can make a pretty plate and give you a nice presentation. However, foil wraps increase cooking time and trap steam during cooking, which causes potato skin to become soggy. Make sure you use potatoes about the same sizes. Then, scrub them well and poke with a fork. Cook in a 425° oven for 50-55minutes. Larger potatoes may take longer. Follow the same cooking instructions but lower heat to 325 degrees if you’re using a convection cooker.

Tip– If you are unsure how long potatoes should be cooked, use a meat thermometer.

Possible Add-Ins: To open up the potato for topping, make a cut at the cross. Depending upon your personal preference, you can fluff out the center of the potato with a knife or not. There are many options for topping baked potatoes, some healthier than others. There are many options for topping baked potatoes. A-1 steak sauce Tabasco, Tabasco and diced tomatoes, raisins.

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