Do You Know How to Light a Room with Low Ceilings?

Low ceilings are defined as those that are less than 8 feet high. Low ceilings that are not properly illuminated might simply provide unattractive pools of high-contrast lighting, whether they are in the attic, house, office, or basement.

Additionally, uneven lighting or very bright lights can impair vision, particularly in dimly lit spaces like basements.

A room with low ceilings does not need to be gloomy or unpleasant. The appropriate lighting can help open up your room and make it feel airy and inviting, whether it is a basement, living room, study, or bedroom.

In fact, one of the best ways to visually raise a space with low ceilings is with some strategically positioned lighting.

For example, a square ceiling light have higher luminous efficacy as compared to any round panels when you compare their luminous efficacy. You can select from the several light designs that Sofary offers.

It is preferable to stay away from big, low-hanging light fixtures if your ceilings are low. They run the risk of getting in your way as well as having the effect of lowering the ceiling and making the room appear smaller.

How to enlighten any space with a low ceiling

  1. The light above eye level

Think about lighting that is above eye level. It will lessen glare that is not desired. For instance, it should be positioned at a height of roughly 1.70 meters in rooms with a ceiling height of 2.20 to 2.30 meters.

  1. Use more than single light source

Lighting experts believe that in order to illuminate their spaces and produce the desired effect, people who have low ceilings should integrate a variety of low-profile indoor LED fixtures, such as table lamps and lanterns, etc.

Simply make sure that ceiling lights are positioned at least 3 feet away from the walls to avoid casting harsh or close shadows that will make the ceiling appear lower.

  1. Consider light colored ceiling

Opting for light-colored ceilings is another approach to get a stunning and fascinating lighting effect. For instance, white is often the best color to use to accentuate a room’s size.

Additionally, it will provide a reflecting surface that will improve the distribution of light from the lights, making the environment brighter and healthier.

  1. Think more of vertical

When choosing a lighting source for a space with low ceilings, bear the following considerations in mind:

  • Size: If you prefer suspended lighting, you must install a model with a narrow design that is wider. For improved brightness, consider mounting it close to the ceiling.
  • Location: You can install modern desk lamps at various work tables or desks to get adequate lighting with improved ambiance and mood of the space. Examine each location of your workspace carefully to determine which is best.

These are the most useful tips for lighting any low ceiling spaces. Install lighting devices, primarily recessed luminaires, with them in mind. Verge LED, Immaculate Plus LED, and Iris Slim are a few of the well-regarded lighting alternatives for any room with low ceilings height.

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