Crystal Glass Chandeliers Something To Enjoy and Cherish for Generations

Chandeliers are a significant part of home decor. They add elegance and style to the place. When it comes to chandeliers, crystal glass ones are always the top preference. The history of crystal glass and the emergence of the room chandeliers have a close connection.

The original idea of the chandelier was to hold candles. The concept is to illuminate the room while preventing any risk of setting fire in the room. With the casting glass prisms, things have changed for chandeliers. The casting glass prisms came to light in the latter part of the 17th century.

This glass is a favorite for everyone as it brings lots of benefits. The advantage of this glass include –

  • Easy production
  • Relatively lower price
  • Much easier to work

The genuine rock crystal requires mining and processing for making chandeliers. Soon manufacturers came up with brand new models of this light manufactured using this glass.

The different angles and shapes of these hand-cut and polished glasses increase the power of candlelight. Lighting stores like Sofary are working with professional lighting fixtures manufacturers having experience in manufacturing high-quality products.

Sofary offers customization services and products at affordable prices. These days, double C crystal chandelier ceiling lights are getting lots of attention. These lights are customizable and have a modern design with K9 crystal.

Let us dig deeper to learn more about the different types of crystal chandeliers. Six different types of crystal chandeliers are available in the market today. Let’s explore these stunning chandeliers to help you pick the best one for you.

Before discussing the different types of crystal chandeliers, get an idea about the crystal glass of today.

Crystal glass of today

Modern ceiling fixtures and chandeliers mostly use crystal glass. A crystal chandelier creates a focal point in the room to draw people’s eyes and attention. At the same time, it suggests a magical romantic intimacy that is impossible to create with other types of lighting. Today, most of the big names in the lighting industry create dazzling new designs using crystal.

As per them, crystal is more than the chandeliers. The use of crystals in floor and table lamps has become a trend recently. At the same time, manufacturers are using decorative crystals on the body and frame of the table lamps and other fixtures. Crystal gives out a one-of-a-kind look no matter where you use it. Look crystal offers is something that people enjoying and cherished for decades, and the coming generations will do the same.

The most amusing thing about a crystal is not all of them are alike. These days, you can find different types of crystal glass in the market. You can find crystal glasses in a wide range of cuts, styles, and prices on the market today.

Types of crystal chandeliers glass 

The most popular types of crystal glasses include Swarovski Elements crystal glass and Spectra crystal glass. The list also has Moroccan/Egyptian crystal (gem cut), Turkish crystal (Regal, heritage hand-cut, hand-cut), and Italian crystal (Venetian, Legacy).

The K9 and Chinese crystals are highly in demand and have massive products. These crystal glasses offer a fantastic look at a modest price.

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